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Hello today after watching cockpit flights on YouTube is it possible if someone committed can make me a whole list of what to do during a flight such as, stuff to do on the ground, the perfect descent, checklist, approach guides and departing guides. The simplest way


There’s many things online that can give you all the answers to your questions. I’m not sure if this belongs on an Infinite Flight forum as well. The internet is your friend. 🙂

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It’s my friend, but I want a if edition and A whole list

The closest thing is IF Checklists.


Oh I understand sorry about that. IFchecklists I believe can help you out. It’s a nice third party application. and Qantas got there before I did

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Ok I’ll check it out

If you look closley on the yoke of the 737 you can see a Pre-Flight Mid-Flight ENd-Flight Checklist

They are not visible unfortunately as the 737 family is a bit out of date.


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