Please help

You weren’t on right downwind if you had just lifted up from a Touch and Go. Do you happen to know who was ATC while you were doing patterns?

No, I took off, and went parrel to the runway. I then announced I was downwind.

I’d like to assist but I sadly can’t.

If you know who was controlling please take this to a PM.

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Ah ok. I would PM whoever was controlling at that time.

I don’t know the controller.

What time were you flying at?

Moderators would try to tell you who was controlling if you gave the right time

It was expert server.

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No need to announce your position, the controller knows where you are :)

It’s just an unnecessary message that clogs the frequency.


I just left the game.

Oh. Ok thank you so much. You can close this now.


Since you just left, the controller is @Jose_Oscana!


Ok. I will PM him. Just in case.

I’m happy I could assist.

Have a nice day/evening

When you are on Unicom it’s great practice to announce your positions (Crosswind, Downwind, Base, Final) based on your present leg and also announce your intentions (Touch and Go, Landing…) When in a controlled airspace contact the appropriate controller and ask for the service you want to be provided. They will give you commands and you won’t need to announce your positions once under their control.


If you want to just stop doing touch and goes guys, report your position (usually downwind) but your forgetting one vital thing. You need to also say your on Full Stop. It would sound like this.
ATC: “N232TQ, number one, Clear for the option runway 15.”
Pilot: “Clear for the option, runway 15, N232TQ”
When pilot reaches downwind:
Pilot: “N232TQ is on left/right downwind for runway 15, FULL STOP.”
ATC: “Roger”
At this point the ATC now knows you would like to stop doing touch and goes and should give you an exit runway command. Just reporting your position is useless. Yet that Full stop also tells the ATC controller than your done and would like to land.


I was at Kuala Lumpur just now and the ATIS was saying ‘unable pattern work’

That’s your likely issue, is that you were ignoring the ATIS


Here’s some good tutorials for you as well.

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Don’t think it was that because the ATIS might’ve changed, and, he announced his position when not needed, as @Levet said

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When @Jose_Oscana is finished controlling he will definitely provide his insight and take on this.

Safe landings,