Please help with the hdg fast please

I need help In solo with the hdg because it says I arrive in one minute and change to hdg and i try and this is when I took of the example

Can you please accept I can’t show you the glitchy part

It says the file is not authorized

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I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Could you be a little more descriptive. Sounds like a pilot error


We can’t really help you if you don’t have pictures to support your claim or whatever you’re trying to say

I recommend you fly with LNAV activated. It will make it a lot easier.

If I can take a stab a translating, when your ETE Next is under a minute, it will tell you something like “turn to heading 087 in under a minute” are you actually making your change then? Or do you wait until the active leg changes? You should do the second of those.

Other than that, I can’t really glean much else from glitchy. That could be any number of things, but you should still be able to take a screenshot. It would help us tremendously.

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Is it possible that you’re flying with NAV activated? In that case it is not possible to change the HDG autopilot. You have to switch off NAV off first, before you can manually change anything on the HDG autopilot.

I’m actually not sure though if this is what you wanted to know.

He needs to provide a little more info and a screenshot. We can guess all night, but if he’s not going to elaborate, we are just spinning our wheels. [I did the same, i know, trying to break the language barrier, but he has yet to add anything atop his OP, where he needed help “fast!” We should await clarification.]