Please help now Terrain error

My terrain isn’t loading probably if this keeps happening I will not be able to land and I’ve been flying for over 10 hours!!!

I’ve been restarting my WiFi multiple times and nothing’s working!!

I am pretty sure this is already known about but im not sure how to fix it but good luck finding a way of landing.

Thanks for the help anyways now it says that the global server isn’t working

BUT the terrain looks like it’s getting a bit better

The only way to fix it is restarting your phone/app. I am sorry for you.

Dang it I’ll just wait until I get near the airport then restart

Yah not the global server is permanently on red

I just landed in Perth after a 15hrs 30min flight from London and everything was working fine. You said that you restarted your router multiple times and it didn’t work. Did you leave the app for a couple of seconds during the flight?

Yes I did multiple times I even tried turning off the iPad and leaving the app…

That is what you must NOT do. That might be the problem. Leaving the app can cause some problems with your connection to the servers.

I just restarted my flight I managed to land in the general area of YBAS and now I’m just continuing from there

Hey mate, think it’s got something to do with this problem

Why not divert to a airport that you can make it to and hope its fine.

It’s not about fuel, but the black floor glitch. The problem hasn’t been solved yet…

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Yes but he could just use it as if there has been a horrible disaster where he is going and make it fun by just diverting it will also help with his skills.

I having the same problem. I did a flight from London to New York, and I also get this black floor glitch and the scenery that does not showing up. Pretty enoying actually. I can fly short routes without any problem, but this seems to be a very common problem that many players has experienced, so you are not alone. Hopefully they gonna fix it. 😉


Ahhh the black floor glitch. It caused me to crash while landing in Las Vegas but I thought that it was just the Nevada area that was glitched

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