Please help my flight keep crashing on final

Hello I need some help here my flight keep crashing whenever I’m on final I really don’t know what to do it’s getting really annoying I’m running infinite flight on an iPhone 7plus. I was on final just awhile ago from KSFO-VHHH I was at five thousand feet and it crashed this is not the first time this have happened someone please help me it seems like I’ve just wasted 13hours of flight ☹️😞 please help me and is this happening to my phone alone? My phone has 3GB of ram,I have 128GB of space with only infinite flight,LiveFlight,WhatsApp and Instagram, I have little over 1,000 photos it could not be limited space.

From the Support FAQ ;)


Hello! To add onto Levet above, It has been confirmed that a hot fix is coming for this issue. As always, there is no ETA. Stay tuned. :)


Your 1,000 photos might be the problem. When the A350 came out, I was having trouble downloading it, and some space cleaning was all it took. I’d email your computer (if you have one) the photos so you know where they are and you can delete them off your phone.

Thank you very much 🙏 I really appreciate it

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Thanks much 🙏