Please help me

What have you set your cruise speed at? We are looking for the airspeed and not groundspeed. Groundspeed will show as a significantly higher number with a tailwind.

39,000 feet (FL 390)

Not the elevation, we are looking for your speed. At 390 it will be displayed as Mach .8X for example.

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Oh didn’t see the word “speed”

sorry, its 0.79

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Too slow. The A350 cruises at M0.85 - speed up and the wobbling should stop


Okay thanks.

Ill update if anything else happens, for now it seems stable again :)

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Check out this handy chart that DeerCrusher made: Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!

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That doesn’t have the A350 on it…

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It’s fine, just handy for other aircraft, just to know.

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Is it accurate? because I remember running out of fuel during a Heathrow to Hong Kong a while back when I tried using a chart like that one…

Mach .85 or .86 should be fine and will be efficient for your flight, no worries there ;)

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think its stable. Im going to sleep now and check up later. (its 2 am lol)

Thanks… I had googled the a359’s maximum cruise speed which was 0.85 mach so I just assumed to stay below it with a decent margin…

thanks again and have a good day

Every ghosted pilots last words…


Try descending. What’s your airspeed? Try heading select.

Im on casual servers lol :)

i have 80 hours but only 11 landings :)

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Sorry, I was on the wrong topic 😂 don’t know how that happened

On long hauls, and you suspect there’ll be either a strong head wind or crosswind, you should always try to pack on ~2hours more fuel than what your ETE is calculated/calibrated for. If you have to divert to a closer airport to refuel, that’s just what you’ll have to do, you’ll get back on your original course thereafter. Additionally, climbing higher only makes the winds stronger. Descend to a suitable FL (between FL28 & FL30) and your winds will [usually] slow and you’ll still be able to maintain ~M89. And sometimes, winds are completely aloft and there’s nothing you can do but push on 👊🏻

These apps will give you accurate up-to-date wind patterns and what I personally use when I’m flying (not in IF). They don’t coincide with how the winds are being created on IF, but these will give you a good foundation on what ‘normal’ wind patterns in real life:

  3. is a good resource as well.

Good luck and happy flying 🛩👍🏻

-Brandon @Navy315

thanksss :)

No problem, anytime. If you need a wing man, I’ll help you out

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