Please help me

I’ve been preparing for this flight for a long time, its my second attempt because the first time also fell victim to the same question im going to ask here.

I’m at 39,000 feet, in an a359. I’m over Australia bound for Hong Kong.

The wind is stable at 68 knots, its almost a direct headwind but is off by about 5 degrees on the left.

I have no idea why, but my aircraft keeps baking from left to right. I had autopilot on, which was reacting really really badly to the situation.

It kept overcorrecting… which was weird because it was on course and it wasn’t (as far as I know) supposed to try and get onto the flight path perfectly, which is what it seemed to try do… but it kept overcorrecting.

As I am typing this thread, I have one hand on my yoke and one hand on the keyboard.

I am not (or am just unaware) overweight, I am under the MTOW and still about 60,000 kg over the MLW which I assume is normal because it is a 9:50-10 hour flight…

any help ASAP would be amazing thanks guys

What have you set your cruise speed at? We are looking for the airspeed and not groundspeed. Groundspeed will show as a significantly higher number with a tailwind.

39,000 feet (FL 390)

Not the elevation, we are looking for your speed. At 390 it will be displayed as Mach .8X for example.

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Oh didn’t see the word “speed”

sorry, its 0.79

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Too slow. The A350 cruises at M0.85 - speed up and the wobbling should stop


Okay thanks.

Ill update if anything else happens, for now it seems stable again :)

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Check out this handy chart that DeerCrusher made: Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!

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That doesn’t have the A350 on it…

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It’s fine, just handy for other aircraft, just to know.

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Is it accurate? because I remember running out of fuel during a Heathrow to Hong Kong a while back when I tried using a chart like that one…

Mach .85 or .86 should be fine and will be efficient for your flight, no worries there ;)

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think its stable. Im going to sleep now and check up later. (its 2 am lol)

Thanks… I had googled the a359’s maximum cruise speed which was 0.85 mach so I just assumed to stay below it with a decent margin…

thanks again and have a good day

Every ghosted pilots last words…


Try descending. What’s your airspeed? Try heading select.

Im on casual servers lol :)

i have 80 hours but only 11 landings :)

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Sorry, I was on the wrong topic 😂 don’t know how that happened

On long hauls, and you suspect there’ll be either a strong head wind or crosswind, you should always try to pack on ~2hours more fuel than what your ETE is calculated/calibrated for. If you have to divert to a closer airport to refuel, that’s just what you’ll have to do, you’ll get back on your original course thereafter. Additionally, climbing higher only makes the winds stronger. Descend to a suitable FL (between FL28 & FL30) and your winds will [usually] slow and you’ll still be able to maintain ~M89. And sometimes, winds are completely aloft and there’s nothing you can do but push on 👊🏻

These apps will give you accurate up-to-date wind patterns and what I personally use when I’m flying (not in IF). They don’t coincide with how the winds are being created on IF, but these will give you a good foundation on what ‘normal’ wind patterns in real life:

  3. is a good resource as well.

Good luck and happy flying 🛩👍🏻

-Brandon @Navy315

thanksss :)

No problem, anytime. If you need a wing man, I’ll help you out