Please help me.

I have been ghosted for « PUSH back without permission » (at YSSY) but I bas the permission. It’s juste that where I was, there was à problem with the ground and my plane just fell into the ground so I’ve just changed the stand! Please give me my grade 3.

Thank you.


He’ll shoot you off a private message here on the forum soon to explain and discuss the reasoning regarding the report/ghost.

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I was the controller at the time. I will send you a PM now to explain.


If you receive permission, then quit and respawn somewhere else, the permission from the first spawn is not still applicable. Why in the world would it be? (You’re in a completely new spot, different surroundings, different circumstances. Pushback permission is not pro forma, controllers have to actually consider your surroundings. This is why it’s so infuriating when pilots request it over and over when there’s a plane sitting directly behind them.)