Please help me with grading

Hello all,
First I want to thank you for the help. I am having a problem. I was downgraded from grade 3 to 2 due to my landing in 90 days. It says I had 3 out of 5 landings in 90 days. I know I have had numerous landings in 90 days. Well, I waited a while and completed more landings and the number never rises and I’ve been stuck for over a month at grade 2. Any ideas here? I will post a picture of my grade table so you all can see. Maybe I’m missing something. Thank you everyone.

Firstly, welcome to the community!

Have you tried restarting the App and checking once more to see if the number of landings increased?

Try restarting your device and the app and then do 2-3 landing see if you are in grade 3 after that

Looks like you don’t have enough landings in the last 90 days.
You have: 3
Required: 5

Why might your landings not have registered? Ensure your internet connection is good. When you are landing, ensure both of the back two wheels touch down on the runway and you leave at least 30 seconds between each landing.


You can just quickly land two more times 🤷‍♂️

But they won’t register because of the time requirement…?

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Yes I have restarted the app everyday, turned my ipad off and on many times, great internet connection and I have done complete flights, even long haul flights but my landing count in 90 days never goes up. It stays at 3. It has been this way for a month now. My account is up to date. I make my payment every month. Any other options here? Thanks for the help.

Add the landing count to the bottom of your screen.

Fly and when you land it should increase.

You need to be sure you end the flight and not just close the app.

Also keep in mind that as each day progresses you may have landings 91 days ago that dropped off the count since it is a moving window in time.

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Thanks Chris_s for the reply. I put the landing count at the bottom of the screen. I did 5 landings and it did show the correct count at 5. After 5 landings, I hit end flight and checked the count and it’s still at 3. I then backed out to the main menu, closed the app and reopened it and the count is still at 3. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Try doing another flight and see if it updates after that. Also make sure you are doing landings on live and not solo. Solo landings do not count

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I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head based on 6 hours flying time and being stuck on G2 for over a month!

Alright everyone, Chris_S hit the nail on the head. I was doing all of my landings on solo so that’s why my count wasnt going up. Thanks to Chris, now I know I need to be on live flight. Thanks for the help everyone. I’m not back to grade 3.

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O haha whoops. I have been doing them on solo. I will definitely try again and let you know. Thanks again.

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I meant I’m NOW on grade 3.

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