Please Help me with ATC

Please help me ang give me tips to do better, and how to get people to listen to you: - YouTube

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Hey! Unfortunately, that is what happens on the training server. It is the training server and people are training. This means that the majority of pilots don’t listen to ATC and don’t know how to communicate with ATC. Feel free to start the IFATC recruitment process below if you want a better controlling experience:

On the expert server, people definitely behave 90% better than on the training server. You’re also controlling at KLAX, which is a hub for trolls and less knowledgable pilots. Try controlling at less trafficked airports. You could open up a tracking thread to draw more traffic to your airspace too.

Great controlling too! I can tell you have put a lot of time into learning the art of the radar position. So sad to see that talent wasted on so many pilots that don’t care about the awesome service you are providing them.


am I not allowed to have links?? oof

I’m watching your live stream. Instead you can use the drag and vector tool.

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Well, I don’t think KLAX on TS is the best place to start. Maybe have some of your friends go to a smaller airport and they can test your knowledge there. :)

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well, its mostly trying to get ppl to listen to me.

its hard to like. Hmm. Assert dominance 😂

I would try to join IFATC so you can get some professional pilots. But since it is TS you and we can’t do anything about it

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oof. I guess it will eventually have to come to that :(. I really want to try to make change in TS, but I feel like it will never happen

It most likely won’t ik it’s sad

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Yes! Joining IFATC would be a great place to start if you’re interested in becoming a professional controller for IF. The link for that is above (that goes for everyone). :)


Feel free to also open tracking threads as well. Things will be much better that way


I’m now going to try to apply, as I just turned 14 yesterday!

Happy birthday! You’ll love it! IFATC is such a fantastic group of like-minded, curious, and intellectual aviation enthusiasts. I’m sure you won’t regret this decision!

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Thank you! I’m nervous to apply, because I feel like i’m still not 14 😂 . But ik I am, and i’m excited too apply

Whenever I open up on TS, I always try to do the best I can. We may make mistakes in the process, but the goal is to make TS a better place. Sadly, these trolls take their CS behavior with them when the climb the grade table, and they outnumber us, sadly. 😪

Like mentioned above, open a tracking thread or open somewhere else and tell your friends. Both ways where people will listen to you, and you can become a better controller. Also, congrats on turning 14, hope to see you in the expert control tower soon! Although I’m not apart of them, I know that they’re a great group of people that are vital to keeping the expert server running. Great to hear you’re applying!

Thank you, and I can’t wait to apply.

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Awesome! The recruitment process can be rigorous but is well worth it. Here are a few tips I found extremely helpful:

  1. Open a tracking thread.
  2. Study, study, study! Read the user guide until you have it memorized. Watch all of the videos! (Even the flying videos help.)
  3. Don’t be scared of failing. Failure is how we learn! If you don’t fail at something, you’re not progressing and growing!
  4. Don’t rush anything. Take your time, keep your cool, and have fun. Learn to analyze yourself and build off of all feedback.

Umm, sorry to ask, but what is a tracking thread?

A tracking thread is a topic you create that let’s us, the community, know where and when you’re open to practice. Pilots will stop by to do some patterns and give you feedback on your controlling. Tracking threads are a key aspect to the training process. For reference, here is my tracking thread that I used:

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