Please help me leave OMDB

Clearly I’m not very intelligent. I’m currently at OMDB as Emirates 366 TRYING to get underway to RCTP. However, I cannot figure out the new update. I’ve turned off my parking brakes and all ground services say they are disconnected, but I cannot push back because it keeps telling me to disconnect ground services first. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Have you waited for the GSE to disappear ? Is your beacon off? Is your parking brake released?

I’m sure you are

Hi! First, you should change the topic to #support and second, restarting the app fixed this issue for me

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Hahahahaa I appreciate it. Parking brake is released, beacon is off. I’m going to try and reconnect all of it and then disconnect it and make sure it disappears. Will let you know how it goes.

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I’m pretty sure your becon light needs to be on for pushback
Off for ground services


Beacon should be on as said by @CaptainDinglehopper


I’m afraid that likely won’t resolve your issue. Your best bet at this point is to copy your flight plan, exit the spawn and then respawn. Make sure you only tap the GSE’s once for them to do their work, then tap again and wait for them completely disappear before starting the pushback process.


Restarted the app and I’m pushed back. Thanks all for your help. Going to try and do it without restarting tonight when I fly from RCTP to CYYZ and hopefully will not have same issue.


Glad it works now, enjoy your flight!