Please help me have injustice

Im ghosted. This is injustice! Atc (ground) said late hold position. I increased the speed as soon as the gap opened. ATC said hold positon after increasing the speed. And I am stopped Atc said please follow ground instructions. I said sorry. Im make push back because boeing 747 wings is would hit me! I made room for 747 to pass. Please remove my ghost please I have 12 hour Flight soon with IFW.

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Hey there.

It would be best to give the controller’s name to us so we can locate him here on the IFC. Ghosting inquires are best done in the DMs. Check your live replays.

He can’t as he is new here, we’ll just have to wait till the controller will message him.
But since we don’t know who it is we can’t notify him.

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Yeah I didn’t know and @TaipeiGuru tell me about that 😉

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