Please help me fix this annoying error

I am having trouble making a payment I have been trying all day I have tried 3 device I have factory restted 1 and I have went to google and found nothing this is obviously an infinite flight problem because there is no way that 3 devices and having the same results on 3 separate devices please fix this I have also just tried 2 different payment methods

I have tried everything nothing is working

This may be an issue with the Google Playstore rather then Infinite Flight, I’d suggest contacting their customer support

Also, all 3 separate devices means it’s your account issue with the device you’re using.

Restat the device. Or Uninstall then reinstall IF

I had this issue and I contacted Google Play support, it got fixed. Try contacting them.

I will tomorrow thanks

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Tried that multiple times and didn’t work

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As you have already been told on multiple occasions, this issue is not on our side. It’s an issue with your payment method and/or Play Store and you should be contacting them :)

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