Please help, Infinite Flight isn’t working for me

I don’t know why it’s not working for me, I load in and it doesn’t load in for some reason. Please let me know how to fix it or help me. Thx


Can you please provide more details?

Can you describe the error and when you get it?


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The information that @Chris_S asked you to provide would help in a substantial way:)

I got this a 1 year ago, I have been flying on my IPad mini 5, when I load in and just keeps on loading in and I can’t fly because it’s not loading in. I tried spawning at KLAX, KJFK, KCAE. And it won’t work. Thx and please help me.

@Captain_Colten does your issue relate to @schyllberg topic here?

Schyllberg’s suggestions:

  • clear scenery catch
  • Restart app

Ok I restarted it and spawned in Europe, it worked! I tried in the US, but it didn’t work. I don’t know what to do. And can you help me with scenery cache, I do not know what the is. Thx

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Restart device delete and reDownload and make sure software is up to date

It works in Europe but not in US. Strange…

Go into Settings > General >Scroll Down > Scenery Cache > Clear Scenery Cache


@Ecoops123 thx for the help I restarted scenery catch and got it to work in the US, and thx you everyone who helped me fix this problem. Peace out ✌🏻And have a great day


Anytime feel free to contact us for help. :)

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Good day and Happy Flying!