Please help i get 2 violations in my Overnight longhaul to Swiss from LAX

Please help i Started a Flight from Lax to ZRH
and When i was asleep. The Autopilot Going off i get 2 violations. But this Happens when i sleep. My phone was on my Table.

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So you are saying the autopilot disconnected mid-flight - could you send us the replay of your flight.

Ok I see the screenshot now - were you going to high for your weight - was your cruise altitude and load percentage

I was not to high for that Aircraft. I was on FL330 with 350 Pax and 9.000 kg Cargo.
And My Cruise Speed was 0.85.

Ok…that sounds all right - can you send us the replay so we can see precisely what happened - unfortunately one screenshot isn’t enough.

Sure ! Can you Send me a link for that ?

Nice thanks !

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So I dont buy the story, here is why…

AP disconnecting normally results in multiple overspeed vios and eventually a crash based on the angle of device and the lack of calibration. Here, we can see 2 overspeeds then more flight time before another couple of warnings to the back end.

Your violations will not be revoked because it is your responsibility to ensure your aircraft is within parameters and leave your device at your own risk.

Sorry, not sorry but you will have to sit on those and take the lesson.


Lets see the entire replay first before iumping to conclusions

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I dont need to see the replay to say he flew for 30-40 mins after these violations. I also dont need a replay to say the violations will not be removed.

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So I am slowly on the eggs here here which regular people have to determine how I have to fly. I’ve been using Infinite Flight for years and have enough flying hours and flying experience like some others here. I know what I am doing. But what can I do if the machine 3 hours normally flies and then suddenly goes out of the autopilot? is infinite flight so perfect that it can not have any mistakes ?? I’m getting on my sack, I have already received 100 violations for which I was not responsible.

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Replay already is available

Violations are not removed.