Please help anyone

Can I have some help pls.

I was on the exspert server and I was on final runway 21 at PHTO landed every thing was good then about 80 knots I had a message come up saying the aircraft I was flying the 787-10 Singapore airline was able to land at that airport but I couldn’t go around because I was all ready on the ground doing about 80 and then came up saying I was ghosted for landing.before all that I was grade 3 but now it comes up saying your grade 1 and 2. So confused my self I absolutely love this game and have nothing against the atc and delelopers pls pls if anyone knows any thing to do or knows anyone who I could speak to would be grate al, I want is to get back flying on the exspert server thank you for reading


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No I landed on runway 21

Thx for your help but the only thing is bugging me is the atc instructed me to land on that runway 21


Don’t know what’s happened now it’s saying I’m now grade 1 with 7 violations wtf sorry about my language just so annoying before hand I had 0 violations

He shouldn’t of done that.

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Violations? Not ghostings? If so, you sure you landed on PHTO? Could you please send a printscreen of the Grade page?


I know bumed I didn’t take his name down so I could get unbanned

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After re-reading your post again it sounds like you received a system message that you were unable to land at PHTO? Runway 03/21 is shorter than the landing and takeoff distance required for the 787-10. So perhaps it was the system detecting you landed an aircraft too large for the runway? I’m just trying to theorize any possible idea to help explain what could cause it.

Here are the declared distances for runway 03/21 in feet.
Rwy 03 - TORA: 5600 TODA: 5600 ASDA: 5600 LDA: 5251
Rwy 21 - TORA: 5251 TODA: 5251 ASDA: 5510 LDA: 5510

LDA is Landing Distance Available. The 787-8 needs 4900 feet.
TODA is TakeOff Distance Available (includes TORA and in this case they are the same anyway). The 787-8 needs 10,200.

It’s safe to assume the 787-10 requirements are higher which would make that runway unusable for both takeoff and landing. With it sounding like violations instead of ghosting, it sure sounds like it was the system applying an “aircraft too large” violation.

List of violations for reference:


Thank you so so much for going into all that information I really appreciate what you and everyone has done I’m sure that was esacaly what happened and is there anyway to disable the violations


Total violations are on record permanently but for purposes of grades it only takes into account violations accrued in the past 1 and 7 days. So like ghostings, they will fall off after the time elapses and you’ll be reinstated. You can check the requirements on your info in the app.

PHTO is a Bravo though. So that’s still not it. No aircrafts are restricted from landing on Bravo’s. And it’s decided by airport, not runway.

So, if he got violations i think he landed on the wrong airport…

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FDS really need to advertise at approach not only on ground

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Advertise what? What are you on about?


@schyllberg Ah ok, did not know that it was based on class. Sorry!

@Marcusmac1 Yep you’re over the violations for Grade 2 so you’ll be at Grade 1 until tomorrow. Then remain Grade 2 until next week.

There is no other major airport on the big island with Runway 21. PHMU has a Runway 22 but it’s on the other side from PHTO. I’m just confused overall without knowing the whole situation. So if the aircraft too large violation is only based on airport class, then where the heck did you land Marcus? lol. Assuming that was the violation though. I probably shouldn’t be contributing to this discussion, lol.

Edit: And the only airport on the big island with ATC at the time was PHTO. Hrmm. Had to have landed at PHTO but got some other violations to push you over the daily limit of 2 (and weekly limit of 3).


You’ve Racked up 7 violations. There were many other factors to why you lost your grade. For example overspending. Be mindful when your flying. Expert server is for experts.


Hey Marcus hang in there. Even the best of us (of course I don’t include myself) get violations from time to time. I typically fly in Casual because that way I can multi-task and not get any penalties. Just keep racking up the xp and landings and you will soon be level 4. Your penalties will soon go away.


Stryder no before the flight I had 0 and because the warning came up it started giving me violations this was not really my folt if I was instructed to land I landed not knowing all this was going to happen when I was going to land

Just a wild theory (as it have happened to me, and been close a couple of times).
You didn’t land on the taxi way next to the runway? Sounds crazy, but yeah…


Or maybe you could take the five minutes to do proper flight planning and make sure your not taking an aircraft that’s too big into a small airport.
Directed @grxninesix


I don’t think that people are stupid ! We aren’t in EGKK :)

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