Please Help (A321)

The A321 can’t stay at one Altitude I just wanna know the trim and V/S for takeoff and cruise thanks

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You should have 10-20 % trim and a rotate at 145-150 kias(Based on your weight)

I actually don’t know about that I think that they have fixed it in the update coz I didn’t faced any problem till now after update.

For cruise I would recommend you this:

  • 2000-2500 till fl100
  • 1700 till fl 250
  • 1500 till ur final cruise

All these are based upon your weight if you’re more than MTOW then you’ll need to cruise up slowly with good speed

When you put the Auto Pilot on click on altitude and set it to the desired altitude. Also try putting the vs down as you reach the altitude and eventually 0. Make sure the speed is not too high as well.

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Hey, it’s a known issue for a320, maybe he would be facing that

Thanks for all your help :) this has all been very useful

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You’re welcome we’re always here for help

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