Please give us more private jets

PLEASE give us new private jets. All we have is the citation x and the e170 unmarked. Plz just give us a Learjet or phenom 300. Speaking of that, WHAT’S UP WITH EMBRAER LIVERIES!!?? A total of 16 liveries. You can do better than that

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Hey there!

Please vote for aircraft in #features :)

Some examples of aircraft you can vote for:


The embraers are very old. I remember hearing that FDS can’t add liveries to them because the outdated Embraer models aren’t compatible with the livery technology they use, or something like that, correct me if I’m wrong. You can vote for new private jets, FDS just gave us the TBM-930.


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I wouldn’t talk to an IF Staff with “WHAT UP WITH THE EMBRAER LIVERIES, come on If, you can do better then that.”

But you can always vote for them in the topics linked above a few posts ;)