Please ghost this user

He is actually flying around LSGG

What server is this on?

Expert Server

I don’t see him doing anything wrong because he’s above 10,000 feet and not bothering the approach controller.


Apologies. When I was there, he was compliant with instructions and wasn’t breaking speed rules. He must have sped up after I left.


Look his callsign

i am on my way to… and so on

Still don’t see anything wrong.

Google his user callsign

Oh now I see it, I googled it which I now regret. Contact a moderator as it’s not on at all.

Wow that’s shocking

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I like Qantas, googled the username and it disgusts me why he would do that, that hits close to home for me as it refers to people from my country.👎😒


Maybe a Mod can just ghost this guy and close this topic. Thank you.

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i flagged my own post lol i didnt know how else i get a mod involved. Hope that was the right way?!

Well you should have just flagged the topic as something else and said you want it closed


That’s a disgusting Callsign. #theygone