Please follow the ATC's instructions at VHHH in ts

1.@Bkdx,you didn’t have any instructions to line on the runway,because there is a plane on final,why do you still get on the runway without my instruction
2.@A350HKAviator,that runway you wanted to land is not clear,there will be another plane landing on that side,besides,that in my opinion,runway 07r and 07l is for landing and departure.At last,you sent me a lot of unnecessary messages,to disturb my work
3.@Tyler_Shelton,could you please help me with my problems,thanks.PNG PNG

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Unfortunately, as this was on Training Server, nothing can be done about this as most pilots are still learning! If you wish to be ATC on Expert, try joining by clicking here!

Also, remember not to single out specific users on the forum!

Good Luck!

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This is the training server. I know it is unfortunate but some pilots are either new to the game and aviation and general and don’t understand certain ATC terms, or aviation terms in general for the matter.

But since it is training server, you will also get some pilots that abuse the system and troll.

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