Please follow instructions, yet no instructions received

Not sure what the issue is, but this has happened to me several times.
I was flying out of LAX this morning. While asking to take off one of the runways, the ATC asked me to follow instructions (see attached image)

Yes, I asked to take off two times. My bad there. However, where is my instruction? For example, if there was a WiFi dropout, does the data pushed to my device (IF on iOS in this case) just vanish? What then?.. the ATC just assumes I know what the instructions are? Is there a fix for this?

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Is this on expert or training?

This was probably training server. So there’s not much you can do.

Training server ATC are technically “training” so they are learning and we just have to ignore that

Sorry I forgot to include more details.

Training server is where it happened. About an hour ago. Not trying to make this a bigger deal than it is, but I’m trying to understand if this is a bug, or artifact of lost data in WiFi dropouts, or in many cases, it’s often just intended for another pilot. But this is not the first or second time a “please follow instructions” comm was sent without any prior comm from ATC.

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As stated above, the training server is used by people who are still learning ATC and flight, so don’t expect that much professionalism.

Hello, @EchoPapa!

As it is training server, most likely is that the controller did not have enough experience and, therefore, sent you inappropriate messages. Keep flying and, when you reach Grade 3, come to the Expert Server. No such errors will occur and you will definitely enjoy it!

Have a great day,

Okay, now I understand what the emphasis was between training and expert server, in regards to ATC. It never crossed my mind that ATC also had graduated levels. But then, I’ve only been an IF pilot for about 3 months. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.


Hang in there. Once you get your time and experience for the Expert Server you will really enjoy both aspects of this simulator.

We’'ll see you soon on the Expert Server!