"Please follow instructions" What?

What is silly ATC??
Why i have to follow this instructions??? I took off from RW27R and after departure requested ILS approach to 27L , than i joined to right downwind by London Approach,was climbing 5000feets and heading 090
But Than i’ve got strange command “TURN LEFT 360°”
Why??? My place abeam EGLL,no any traffic ahead of me , why i can’t continue maintain present heading and main question-Why Game make me invisible??? Why i must make such commands???

Who was the controller? I will recommend that you PM him. Thanks

You are the one in the wrong. You follow ATC whatever they tell you, you don’t disobey them. Maybe he wanted more spacing between you and the plane on final or he’s spacing so tower can give takeoff clearance for aircraft waiting on ground.


I’m afraid you are absaloutely in the wrong on this occasion. As mentioned, you must listen to what the controller tells you to. Once you request an ILS approach you are under HIS control, heading and altitude changes are no longer at your discretion.

They really do need to get rid of that ‘unable’ command.



Looking at the screenshots, you were in the wrong. There was no reason for “unable”. There are a number of reasons you could’ve been asked to turn. Sequencing, spacing, etc. I’ll figure out who the controller is and ask them to PM you to explain in private. Thanks!