Please follow instructions for ATC

Hello, how do I tell a guy on training to Follow Instructions?


You can send them “please follow instructions” under the misc messages tab.

Otherwise, there’s not much you can do besides ignore them. On TS, pilots are still learning and therefore tend not to follow ATC instructions.

If you’re interested in controlling a more realistic environment, try your luck with IFATC!

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Unless something has changed, PFI was removed from the TS months ago.


Oh well… I could have sworn it was there. If it isn’t than there’s not much you can besides repeating the instruction once.


@FLIGHT2. MaxSez: ATC Trainee, your opportunity to provide guidance to the flying community will come in time. Admonishing phrases have been removed from the training server controller communications list.
Your time to criticize or correct will be when you have passed the test and are permitted to put the Honorific after your screen namel. Till then learn to Control your emotions. Maturity and good judgment are the hallmarks of a well trained Controller.
It’s Caller the “Training Server” for a purposel so train and; “Take your pack off, your time will come”!


I would recommend controlling at smaller airports and making an ATC tracking thread in #atc so you don’t get the “TS Noobs” but instead skilled pilots from the IFC who will give you some feedback.

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