*PLEASE* follow IFR Cruising Altitude Rules

does fpltpif.com automatically do this, or no?

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I think fpltoif uses SimBrief to create flight plans, so yes it does.


Good to know, thanks!

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I would want to point out that it is nice to follow this system, there are still aircraft flying the opposite altitude (let’s say westbound with FL370) in reality. Even FPLs from SimBrief often gives you the opposite altitude due to optimum flying conditions etc. After all, it can only be a general guidance but is optional to enforce it. Nonetheless, if you are flying the opposite direction and is coming into a conflict with another aircraft (assuming that you are active as well), please do change your altitude then return to your original altitude if you wish. Or else, deviate to your right by 3nm and continue on course after conflict will do. Hope it helps!

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If we are going after the ultimate realistic experience, you’ll know that actually, the east-west semicircular rule doesn’t apply to the entire world.

In some countries where most flights are north-south, e.g Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, etc. they split the semicircle north south, and for added confusion, each country has a different rule - Italy uses even altitudes for northbound, and New Zealand uses odd altitudes for southbound.

Furthermore, there are exceptions all over the world. some airways (Airways are like highways in the sky, containing a series of fixes, not implemented in IF yet) have special rules. Take the L642 airway that heads west for example - according to the HKAIP you can cruise at FL390 on it, seemingly defying the typical semi circular rule. This can be seen in this Cathay flight flying Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, flying west, cruising at an odd altitude

All I’m saying is, all rules have exceptions, and while I’m sure there are plenty of ignorant and oblivious pilots out there, just bear in mind that not everything you think is right is set in stone.


I agree, however…

Considering that Expert Server’s primary focus is to fly as professionally and realistically as possible, the IFR Cruise Altitude is a pretty basic rule considering the numerous and often more complex / specific Information one will at some point be required to know (patterns, ATC procédures, TAF, METAR, charts reading, proper plane flying, ToD, FPLs, events…).

And yes some would be keen on the ATC / traffic only and not care about other rules.
But they’ll end up need to document themselves to avoid violations. And the IFR Cruise altitude is piece of information
Pilots would come across pretty fast.

The 3 main source of information pilots flying on the expert server are going to get will be:
• Virtual Airlines;
• Flight Panning tools (SimBrief etc…);
• IFC (including topics like this one);
• Common sense;
• Advanced interest into aviation thus justifying the cost of the sub;

With that and the subsequent “natural selection” process, I guess we may reasonably hope that, in a near future, between 50% and 75% of the pilots flying in expert will keep that rule in mind.

A little help from the developers to add a supporting informative or coercive in-flight feature would certainly boost that rate.

I’m truly confident this is achievable and will prove wrong comments such as that of @Anthony_Williams which logical minds shouldn’t even try to comprehend given how and in how many ways it lacks any sense of fundamental analysis.


False statement. Heavily confusing at best.

Please refrain from making confusing affirmations so we may precisely keep the less experienced pilots well informed.

Yes the altitude will vary depending on the factors you listed. That is absolutely correct.

But in no way would these factors allow a plane to deviate from the IFR cruise altitudes when they are applicable. (Basically everywhere +/- exceptions).

Otherwise why on earth would such a rule even exist at first place?

And yes, I am referring to the real world and yes, I am associating the expert server to the real world.


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