Please fix the landings when viewing planes

So I am familiar with infinite flight and whenever I watch landings or someone else watches me the planes glitches through the ground and you can’t see if the buttered or not because you have no way of actually seeing if you butter when you land with the cockpit version. Why do this do this also. Is it just a glitch in the game.

It means that they landed super hard

If you or the pilot you’re watching has a bad internet connection, it will look like they go through the ground.

Either they crashed or lost connection.


@DGGR @Altaria55 umm no you can watch any video that like involves plane spotting and the plane goes through the ground like pretty much anyone I have good internet and I was landing and my friend recorded me and my plane went through the ground but on my screen I just landed normally

@Jan for exploiting the only thing I said and is apparently not true but ok also thanks for not trying to help. For one almost everyone says butter because butter is smooth and soft I wonder why almost everyone says that.?!

There’s no point in repeating what others already stated, right?

Chances are it has something to do with this.

Even better @Jan why not look into what the Av geeks say not saying you are or anyone else but prettty much we all say butter the landing because butter is soft and smooth

I am not 100% sure what you are referring to in your original topic?

They have announced replay (when it comes out for pilots) which will allow you to replay your landings so you can see how smooth it was.

@Chris_S so when I watch a video on plane spotting and anyone can do this just go to a busy airport and watch planes land and they will glitch through the ground it happens every time I go to watch planes and I just want to see if they butter or grease as others will call it

Some of that is your network/device. If it gets overloaded it can cause a lag which is usually what you see. The replay feature should help with that.

I am familiar with the butter/grease terminology.

Ok thank you so much @Chris_S but how can I not log up my device which causes lag just delete like photos or games

Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Also make sure you close all programs running in the background. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It all takes up valuable CPU/Network bandwidth.

Ok thanks @Chris_S could you please close the topic