Please fix the DC-10 landing gear.

The Infinite Flight landing gear is different real on the DC-10


Notes: Remembering that the image does not belong to me but to their respective authors

I was also in doubt where to post so the general


The DC-10 landing gear in game is correct?



Looks awfully fine from my perspective.
I think you may have viewed something wrong


Based on my sight, looks like everything is okay 😉

This is not why the topic does not have the wheels center

I think OP is referring to center gear. The DC-10 and MD-11 have options to retract the center gear. Nothing is wrong with it, however, if you would like to have a retractable center gear, please comment and vote for this request :)


The DC-10-10 in the picture in the original post does not have a rear center gear.
All other models of the DC-10 do have the rear center gear.

Maybe that’s what is being referred to?

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in the case of the central gear only who has and the MD-10 not the DC-10 or am I wrong

Hello, for reference, the picture of the FedEx plane is a MD-10, not a DC-10. Maybe change your title. Check the Wikipedia article for the DC-10 for more details.