Please fix android lag

For android users especially ones on phones, it is EXTREMLY LAGGY EHEN TRYING TO LAND AT BUSY AIRPORTS. The frame rate could be fixed alot better and when I access atc in the cockpit for android, it flashes on and off. But am only the stupid lagg for android users. I use the android lg k10 and it sucks the lagg

This happens to me. What do I do? I don’t land at a busy Airport. You can always try to turn down your graphic settings

Performance issues are currently being addressed by FDS. They are aware of certain lag issues. Consider turning down some of your graphics, and number of planes displayed in the meantime. This will help with lag that you are experiencing.

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I’m not sure if this is just my OS, but some android phones allow you to switch between Performance mode, fast mode (inbetween regular) Regular mode, effiency mode and battery-saver mode.

If you’re like me and you plug in a charger on your flight, flying at cruising altitude with effiency on is the best. When you’re on descent, switch to Fast mode, and when you have the airport fully in sight or you are in 10 nm of the airport, switch it to Performance. This’ll help you get rid of the lag, but because my android phone tends to heat up alot, give it a break after with effiency mode.

Put it in the fridge if you want it to cool down super fast.

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Servers have been under very heavy load since the release of global, so lag is to be expected, especially in busy areas. FDS are still optimizing and working on performance issues, so just be patient. It will be fixed in time.

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