Please expedite

Right now pilots only have 4 misc messages which are not very useful. atc has a please expedite button to tell pilots to hurry up which would also be very useful for pilots. Sometimes atc makes you do large holding circles in high traffic or you are stuck behind a long departure line and in a hurry, and its very inconvenient. It would be useful to have a button saying please expedite so atc knows youre in a hurry or could ask someone else to go around instead of you, or could just tell you to do a 360 instead of making a missed approach and taking another 20 minutes

I disagree entirely. IFATC’s number one priority is the safe and efficient operation of aircraft in their airspace. There is no place for impatient pilots and special requests of that nature. If you’re in enough of a hurry that you can’t wait in line at an airport you know is busy, pick a different flight if you’re on the ground or divert if you’re in the air.

“Efficiency” is based on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re the first person ready for takeoff, you get to takeoff first. Very rarely do we let aircraft cut in line, especially when we know that’s what they’re doing. If you have to hold, you have to hold. If you’re 10th in line, you’re 10th in line. That’s how it goes sometimes.

ATC has the “Please expedite” command not because they’re impatient but because it’s necessary for safe separation or to enable safe approaches. Every command IFATC has is to enhance communication for safe operation, not because they’re bored and want to get rid of you faster.


Proposed commands are not realistic. I couldn’t imagine the backlash I’d get if I told ATC what you’re proposing. Yikes!!!