"Please expedite"


Just a little reminder that when a controller asks a pilot to please expedite (to leave the runway, to back taxi, or to take off), this is for real - there is no 35 knots speed limit on the runway ;)


Yes but in the real world the the pilot not Will taxi with a speed of 50 or 60 kt

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I Expiditley (If that’s even a word) taxi at around 50-60 knots.

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Of course. Sure - but in in real life you don’t have so many planes incoming on small airports :)
I just finished controlling at TNCM, and a few were back taxxing at 10 knots, or taking ages to take off. It’s first and foremost a show of respect to fellow pilots who are on final or waiting patiently for their turn to take off :)


If you are talking of me, the second time you said it I augmented my speed to 55kts.

You most taxi with 35 Kt and the ATC most do his job good

@CaptainM I was not naming names, don’t worry. Just a general suggestion for pilots (including myself, I don’t only do controlling!)

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@DS2001 fully agree.

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Ps: just a fun fact - a pilot friend of mine once landed in a smallish propeller plane at Amsterdam, and he had to accelerate after touchdown to much higher than 35 knots in order to exit the runway swiftly, and keep the controller from yelling at him :)


Unfortunately you need to slow to under 35kts before exiting the rwy. It would be nice if the high speed taxiways had a higher taxi violation speed limit so you can exit at 40-50kts.


As I recall every airdrome has a posted taxi speed limit. The Speed limit is clearly note in the FLIP’s. Additionally the ground taxi speed limit for every airframe is clearly published in the type Pilots Operational Hand Book (POH)
Pierre is rite expedite means keep it moving at a “reasonable safe speed” as documented. Safety of flight and Pax comfort is always a consideration.
Max Sends


In terms of an extended roll after landing, that speed limit does not apply and is irrelevant.

If you get the message, ‘exit left, please expedite, traffic on final’ , it means do not jam the brakes on and taxi at under 35 knots or lower along the runway until you find the next taxiway / high speed exit. It means manage your roll and braking so that your runway occupancy time as low as possible. For example if the only taxiway exit is near the end of the runway, don’t put on 100% reverse, spoilers and full brakes as soon as you touchdown and subsequently taxi at 10 knots for the next 1000m until reaching the end. You can maintain a reasonable speed for the length of the runway - there is no 35 knot speed limit on the runway whilst your slowing down after touchdown…


@MitchellJames yes, this is indeed what I meant. Same for expedited takeoff: the pilot is meant to turn on the runway as soon as he hears the message, and takeoff without stopping after the turn.

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In IF Live there r also noobs, who don’t take it seriously. If there was no limit there’d be people taxiing at 100kts everywhere

Same with me. When my instructor landed, he put in power after flaps up etc. To get off the runway as fast as possible. Something he always said was that lingering on the runway is something never to do.

The worst part is when I ask someone to line up and wait, they go at 4kts…


People wonder why we send multiple “please expedites” and then end up telling them to hold position. If you’re trying to make it harder for the controller, the controller is going to purposely let you hold position until ALL the traffic has landed. If you’re trying to reduce spacing between you and another aircraft, even if it’s the aircraft behind you, the controller is going to send YOU around and let everyone land before you do. Do us all a favor, when we say “immediately”, it means you should’ve been doing the action before the instruction even finishes. If we say “expedite”, it means don’t waste anymore time. Taxi at 34kts on the taxiway, go as fast as you can on the runway, and brake at the last second before turning. We’re trying to do you a favor by letting you sneak in and out of different areas. Help us help you.


I see a lot of confusion with this command, perhaps because it can sound like “exit” if you’re not paying attention (I guess…if that’s not it, I’m at a loss).

When given immediate takeoff, it means get out there and go. It’s not just a bonus “hey, you get to go immediately”…it means “go!”.

Don’t saunter out there, line your wheel up perfectly. Get out and and wipe a smudge off the windshield by licking your thumb and rubbing at it. Go!

If you receive a “please expedite” after that…really go. What it does not mean is “spin around in circles and exit the runway”. I see this a lot, and, frankly, it baffles me.

I’m sure that there will be those that point to “well IRL, controllers ask if you can accept an immediate” and “not all planes can make an immediate”, to which I would reply, “yes, sir, you are absolutely correct.”

But it really stuns me when a 319 taxis to the runway at 42 knots, but then lines up at 2 when given immediate or expedite. [Or, taxi at 45 kts on the ramp, exit runway after “please expedite” at 12. Strange how the plane can perform the function, just at the exact opposite times from those when it’s appropriate.]

Anyway, if for some reason you think “expedite” means “exit”…it doesn’t.

And if you can race to the hold short line like there’s a raging forest fire coming in fast behind you, you can shamble onto the runway a little faster than 4 knots.


As long as this topic has been revisited… l think it should be noted that since different IF aircraft models have varying factors in initial thrust speeds and acceleration level responses… it is not always easy to smoothly reduce your speed from around 120 to 35 kts…because in the larger jets you usually have to estimate how much power you have to apply to start any kinetic action…for example for a 777… l find that l have to exceed around 30% power before it will even start to move…in comparison to a prop or fighter which starts building motion almost immediately…so inversely when you are slowing down to move off the rwy …it is not always easy when under the pressure of when having been instructed by ATC to expedite… to uniformly balance out just the right amount of applied thrust to smoothly make that transition from rwy to taxiway…

We try to take that into account. I don’t treat 388s the same as I do a 319 when deciding if expedite is possible. I don’t expect a 747 to hit the first exit.

All of the above aside, I’ve seen “expedite” interpreted as “spin and exit”. And, to spin on a dime and exit after LUAW , takes more time than just going forward.

I’m not sure if people are hearing “exit” in the word “expedite” which I think is quite possible. [I should note, I’m referring to someone who is already fully lined up, all that is required is a throttle-up, but they instead slowly spin and exit the runway through the traffic holding short. That’s not the appropriate response. There was some talk above of runway exits after landing, but that wasn’t my intent here. I am speaking of takeoff, with traffic already LUAW, exiting through other traffic.]