Please don't enter runway without permission

I had to report three individuals today for that. One was a mistake I guess, but the others were due to frustration. Check atis, if a runway isn’t allowed for takeoff then don’t expect it. I never had more than 6 waiting for take off and I got you off within 2 mins. We move as fast as we can but landing and takeoffs on crossing runways can take some time. Be patient we work as fast as possible.

Happy flying,


^people on training servers can take note too^


Controlling at LAX in training this morning for fun, and all these planes kept taking of of the wrong side of the runway, when I was clearly taking off and landing from the opposite side

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Can confirm, that if you are frustrated that ATC forgot about you…nope they didn’t…that’s just my perspective…
Sometimes I’m really amazed how they don’t forget about me if they have like 30 arrivals…
Solution: just wait or spawn 15 minutes earlier than planned if it’s a busy airport…

Expert server Some people who do not know about ATIS…

*a380 takes off on taxiway

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Yeah it sucks that this happens. I feel if you are in a rush or don’t have the patience to wait in a busy airport choose a different airport or server.

Hi Adam,
I don’t understand how to PM so I’m writing here.
Yesterday you reported me without any warning about speed after it was the first time I attempted flying with a fighter jet.
As I wasn’t in good control of the fighter jet, and also got a phone call in that moment, so I didn’t manage to speed down below 10,000 ft.
I don’t think it’s completely fair that now I’m in Grade 2 because you reported me with you not even knowing what was happning that caused the minor violation.

So i’ll be glad if you cancel my reporting.



I say suck it up and take it down. I have had that happen to me in the past. After the mods explaining their side of the story, I understood. Just ignore it. You’ll be back to Grade 3 in a week.

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Then try it out on Casual, not a busy airspace.

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I don’t think I need to suck it up,
There is a problem with how these stuff work here.
This is a smartphone/tablet app. People get phone calls in short final etc…
I really think it is unfair to get a “reporting” without giving a warning first, or understading the whole situation.
People forget that this is a game after all that we all want to enjoy, and pay a high membership price for.
I’m playing this simulator for over a year and nothing like this happened to me.

So I think it’s completey fair for me to tell my side of the story and for the atc controller to cancel my reporting after understanding that these things happen.