Please don’t cut in line

I was on approach for runway 36R at CLT when this 757 completely ignored my traffic advisories and sped up to get ahead of me. Unfortunately as I turned base, he was right below me and forced me to go around. He had plenty of time to change runways or slow down before I turned base but he didn’t. This was on expert server by the way.

Please if you are flying into an uncontrolled airport with traffic inbound, please don’t try and cut in front of people. You end to making it a hassle for other pilots and make them have to redo their entire approach because of your impatience.


We all have been victims of this :(


I hate when this happens to me when I’m controlling in training server where I have 3 people in line landing and a random dude just cuts everyone and lands without listening to me.

Things like this are the reason why I rarely fly during FNFs. When there is no ATC, it becomes a madhouse. And of course the one time I actually fly during an FNF I still get screwed over by people like this. It’s a shame too because I love flying in and out of DCA and it only takes one bad pilot to ruin your flight.

Unfortunately there is really no way to stop this. If it really got on your nerves you can look If the guy had his IFC profile linked to his account so you can see who it was.

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Yeah this Usually happens in big airports like LAX, LHR. to avoid this you should control somewhat of smaller aiports

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Im sure everyone that played this game experienced that at least once. Unfortunately if its uncontrolled theres simply nothing u can do but be the bigger and better person and go around etc.

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Yeah you are right. I don’t think this person has an IFC account. I just wish people would listen to traffic advisories and to be more aware of their surroundings. I know there is nothing I can do really do about it but hopefully my post will encourage others to not cut in front of people during an approach.

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Well look at the bright side you got to do another approach at beautiful Charlotte!

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I agree

Was this on Expert?

It was, as stated above, unfortunately there is not much to do

Well, I had one aircraft cutting underneath my bus at a controlled airport this morning! All went well, but vertical separation was minimal!

Well if this happen’s on the expert server be sure to be able to provide proof and dm a IFATC supervisor and they should he able to deal with it.

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there are many ways to deal with it my personal favorite is to land inside the offenders aircraft. Just to make sure they know Im there. lol

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