Please devs say the true!

About playing on the mobile.

My smartphone reaches temperatures of 40 degrees!

Imagine that on a medium-duration flight, I’m not telling you to do a 7-hour flight anymore.

We pay for the server, monthly, every six months or every year… But our mobiles are not made for this. The durability of the mobiles is compromised and to those server prices you have to add a new mobile every three months.

Tell the truth, the things clear. Get this straight. It’s necessary.

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What device are you on? It may be an issue with your device.



My device tends to heat up a lot too. Here is what I do to reduce the amount of heat coming from my device.

  • Firstly, lower you brightness to about 25%. This is probably one of the main reasons this is happening to me.

  • Don’t charge your device often.

  • Lower your graphic settings. This means.

Turn off anti-aliasing.

Lower the rendering and scenery graphics. Medium setting is recommended in new devices.

  • Enable Low Power mode.

  • Keep device away from sunlight.

I hope this helps!


low power mode usually makes the app crash for me :(


If your device is heating up that much, it may be an issue with your device, or you may be running the app at settings higher than what your device can sustainably handle. A few other things you can try to avoid overheating:

  • Turn down your screen brightness at cruise
  • Enable low power mode both in the app and on your device if equipped
  • Remove any case from your device, mobile devices are designed to release heat through the back of the device, a case can inhibit this cooling
  • Avoid the use of fast chargers while running Infinite Flight
  • Ensure no other apps are running in the background
  • Turn off Bluetooth and any other services that Infinite Flight is not dependent on
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Test in my father phone (mi10 pro) and 41°C.
Test in my red Magic 5g and 38°C

Both too warm for a short time compared to a real complete flight. This is harmful to the batteries.


i guess your’re one of the only ones that has that. what are your’re settings? maybe turn them down a bit

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My device doesn’t heat up that much unless I’m at max settings, very high aircraft count, and on approach to an airport but even then it only feels a little warm. Try lowering graphics settings when you leave your device, turning the brightness down as much as possible, and if that doesn’t work, try switching your camera to ATC and looking up while you are away from your device. I’ve found this to be very helpful with heat management. Good airflow for your device will help as well.

Infinite Flight is a graphics intensive app, we’ve always been clear about this. Mobile devices will get warmer (as does any technology) when under any load.

If your device is getting too warm, it’s a sign that the settings are set too high for the device. Some Android distributions throttle components in the device to compensate for this, which normally results in a frame rate decrease. If you are being cautious about the battery, turning down settings should help, although in our extensive usage we haven’t found any significant impact to device battery.

We’re working with each iteration of the app to improve our footprint and optimise the app. In 20.1, we made changes to lower CPU usage on longer flights to lower the strain on the device, and we’re continuously revisiting parts of the app to optimise things as much as possible.

Project Metal has the potential to bring more improvements to this, although it’s too early to tell.


My device has a Snapdragon 865. It’s very fluid, I’d say with everything at its best.

A processor will still generate heat, regardless of how powerful it is. A lot of it comes down to other components, and the general design of the device in terms of thermal management.

As I said, we are working on improving this, and we have always been trying to find a balance between developing the sim to be extensive whilst making it accessible on mobile devices. Thanks for your feedback!


What’s the point of having high graphics if you can’t set them without the device overheating. iPhone 11 here and the device still overheats after a few minutes.


Yeah sadly, Infinite Flight doesn’t work that smooth on mobile phones anymore unless you have a high end phone it’s getting more and more laggy as the updates come out.

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Wow that’s surprising, I thought with the latest iPhone you wouldn’t experience the overheating.

I am experiencing a lot of lags, especially after 20.1
At this point everyone should just get an iPad Pro


My iPhone 11 Pro Max, gets a little hot, but nothing unusual, and as for my iPad Pro, it feels a lot cooler than before actually, even with screen brightness max during daytime in the simulator.

It works perfectly fine, unless you’re in a high traffic area.
We’re having about three times the amount of traffic that we had before the update, and we had much as it was already before that.

If you’re flying around in super busy airspaces right now, there will be some degradation unless you adapt the graphics settings accordingly. It doesn’t matter how good your device is, there’s always limitations.


Haha yeah I wish lol!

Okay, thank you. One last question.

You say you haven’t seen that the batteries can be affected by this.

But while it’s charging?

That is, playing with the phone while charging, even if it’s not through a quick charge. Do you see any harm in that?