Please Contact Ground/Tower cooldown timer on TS1

This feature would limit the amount of times a controller can on guard a pilot. I feel this feature is needed to reduce the spam on the TS1 server. The cooldown could last 1-2 minutes and the controller would not be able to send any on guard warnings to that pilot. They would still have the option to send this message to anyone else.

You’d be surprised how long a period of time 1-2 minutes is and 1 on guard total for one aircraft is plenty. The headset at the bottom right of the screen blinks when a pilot recieves a command.


Not disputing this can be a problem. Curious where you see this occurring most frequently? Are you already on another freq - say with approach? Cruising at FL360 but happen to crossing over / near an airport?

I know I have sent more than one on guard messages to a pilot, but typically not unless they are clearly on approach and potentially conflicting with other traffic.

Ive seen many topics complaining about this issue.

Same. I was once at FL410 (on TS) over France and an approach controller at LFPG sent an on guard message about 150 times in like a couple of minutes! I just quit…

Tbh, i see this happen when you spawn in on ground and you sit and create a flightplan with ATC not tuned so you dont have to listen in until you are ready and they are constantly spamming.
I have it all the time when i do my rare flights in TS1

Same, but the complaints were more so about one particular person.