Please Contact Center/Tower

I was just landing in Seattle and was being vectored by the center frequency. While I was tuned into center I got a message that said “you are in an active airspace please contact tower…” So I tuned in to tower and called inbound. Then i got a message" you are in an active airspace please contact center…" I stayed in tower and then the tower told me to contact center and then they cleared me for the ILS 34C. I safely landed and did not get ghosted. But what happened with them? What was I supposed to do?

They definitely both wanted me because I am an amazing pilot


Center: @PlaneGeek
Tower: @Piazza


You’re best thing to do is simply PM and ask them why this happened! :)

Edit: I know it’s an obvious answer but it’s simply the best thing to do.


Agree they can probably do something about this

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I agree but they should see this and say something or PM me.

This might help What To Do When An, “I’ve been reported” Topic Arises

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@SamC just go ahead and shoot them a PM asking what happened :)