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I was flying with the a318 from London City to JFK and everything was going fine. Later I saw that the plane had crashed because I had ran out of fuel but it gave me 2 overspending violations. I want to know if this is possible.

Yes that is possible, and next time try to plan your fuel better!!!

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Also on what server?

Yes that is possible, did you happen to he doing the speedbird 1 flight?

It was training server

Yes this can occur if you ran out of fuel, subsequently stalled/descended and exceeded 250kts under 10000ft.

Yes that’s the flight I was doing

If you were going west then you should’ve stopped on Shannon (EINN) on the way to prevent fuel starvation. Also you would have violated the 250kts under 10000ft rule

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Yes, I did stop in Shannon but the wind probably made me not get there

Speedbird 1 does a fueling stop in shannon Ireland. Next time plan for something like that and you should have enough fuel.

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