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I’ll take any D gate, would prefer KMIA to MWCR, American Airlines normally operates the route 3 times daily with a 737-800 or A319.

Great see you there!

D39 please, American A321 Chicago O’Hare-KORD

Could I get D32 for MIA-Montego Bay?

@snoman Can I switch to gate W73 please

@snoman could you remove me please? Sorry.

@snoman, am I good to go for this event?

UPS 11 A33F KTPA. May I have this flight? Call Sign MARINE 0811

Sorry y’all I have to make a new topic because I can’t edit this one anymore, I’ll do it over the weekend

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@snoman are you sure you can’t make it a wiki? You can still edit it if you do.

Yeah I can’t unfortunately

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Can I have a gate to Brasilia on a American 757

@snoman yep, it’s a good ski day on Sunday, sorry I am going to have to drop from the event.

Sorry, I will also have to drop out of this event.

@10R80_Daily you’re already signed up for D40

Here’s the new thread:

@ButterAllDay @Jack_Q @Suhas I removed y’all on the new one. Thanks for letting me know :)