[Please Close] What aircraft should I buy?

I bought the 747-8

I want to buy another aircraft. My main aircraft I would like to buy are either the A333 or 748. Currently I have bought:

  • A320

  • A346

  • 747-SCA

  • 752

  • 772LR

  • 773ER

  • 788

  • 789

  • Dash 8 Q400

  • ERJ-190

  • F-14

  • F-22

  • C-130H


789, it has the QF livery


I have already bought that. Please check the list :)

The 737-800 or a live subscription


Oh I thought those were not brought yet. Both A333 and 748 don’t have many liverys. But probably get the 748


I have a live subscription already. Don’t really want the 738. What’s so good about it?

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The best C-130…C-130j


nothing, its boring to fly and an everyday aircraft.

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I think so as well. I just bought the -H as it was the first one I clicked on when I got the update :D

We meet again… what do you mean?

as I stated in slack, both have their reason to be here and offer different capabilities. I just copy paste what I told you in slack :
both are nice aircraft, with their pros and cons.


747-8 is the neweber aircraft, for Global surely interesting because of its range and ETOPS capabilities. It also has a lot of power, good quality and handles nicely. Negative is its size which limits you on your destination airports and the lack of useful liveries to fly realistic routes with. Also I personally dont like that you can spin the engines up to 120% and climb with overweight in a 45° angle and still accelerate.


A333 ( not the freighter I guess ) is comparable with the 757 and A346. If you have the A346, you wont get a different aircraft basically. However I think those 2 airbusses have a very realistic thrust ration, it makes them more interesting since their power feels a bit more limited. Also it has a lot of useful liveries to fly good routes with. Negative is the not yet updated quality of the aircraft, its not super bad but not up to the standard of the 747.


I personally would get the A333, since its the aircraft you can better use. There are many runways that are long enough for it to take off and land on. But since I´m from AAT I suggest you to get the 748 since we use it as a freighter :wink:

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Maybe you should buy Live+ ;)

If you don’t want to buy Live+, I would suggest a B737-800 :)


@overspeed Thanks! Still not sure what to buy

@SingaporeAirlines Why the 737-800?!

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Because 737-800 has cool liveries! Like Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, United, Delta, American, Copa Airlines, etc. It’s really cool!

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Oh ok… I probably won’t get it ;)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record; do yourself a favor and try to save some money to get Live+! It’s so worth it!

And maybe change the title to “What aircraft should I buy?”. ;)

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I don’t really want a Live + subscription. Idk why. What aircraft should I buy anyways?

You don’t know why?
It’s cheaper and it has all regions and aircraft!
Even if you don’t use it for two months it’s still a much better deal.
So why not? ;)

It’s really hard to suggest an aircraft.
I do think a 737 version would fit into your collection nicely.


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