(PLEASE CLOSE! THANK YOU!) App crashing on launch from iPad home screen

Hi! My device is:
Apple iPad Pro (10.5 inch)
Running iOS 13.5

Basically, when I launch the app from the home screen, the app shows a black screen for about 2 seconds and then the screen changes back to the home screen. If I double tap the home button to see the apps open, I see this:

A blank white screen on it.

Help! I really hope this issue resolves. I have tried reducing device storage down to 62 out of 64GB, and then restarting my device.

Thank you, community, and have a nice day! 😊

Gonna start off with the basic ones: have you tried reinstalling the application?

Also, I take it that you only have 2gb of storage free… I’d recommend you try clear up some space. In my experience, IF can take up over 4GB of storage not including Cache, so it’s possible that you don’t have enough room on your iPad.

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If I reinstall the app, I’ll lose all my replays etc. right? 🥺😨

@SB110 Yes, that is correct. Deleting and reinstalling the app will delete all your current replays.

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I suppose it’s worth a try? ☹️

Before jumping to any conclusions and deleting the app, I reckon you perform a soft a reset on the device. To do so, hold the power button until you see the “slide to power off” message. Once there, do as it says and wait ~10 seconds before turning the device on. Once the device is on, head over to Infinite Flight and see if it works :)

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Already deleted the app… 😞

I did try restarting the device, which turns it back on immediately after shutting down.

But, now… I go into the App Store and see THIS!!!

When you originally purchased the app, did you use that iTunes account?

Perhaps you should try logging out and logging back into your iTunes account?

Yes, I used the one it is currently 🙂

Head over to the icon in the top right and click it. Once there, click purchased and either select “my purchases” and search for the application or scroll through other members (if that option is there) and search for the application. I’ll provide and image below.

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Never mind! My App Store was signed out, I logged in and it says download from the cloud. Thank you! I’ll now try opening the app to see if it still crashes.

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I’m not sure if this helps, but this happened to me once. I tried all the basic troubleshoot, but it didn’t work so I eventually went to reportaproblem.apple.com, managed to get a full refund and purchased again.

Edit: looks like the issue is solved 😊

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Sounds good. Keep me updated and we can go from there!

Don’t worry, we’ll get things sorted out :)

OMG thank you so much guys! The app works perfectly now! 😂

@Z-Tube, I’m just now sad all my replays and memories are gone… anyway, thank you, you were a tremendous help. 😊😄

This may be closed.


Anytime my friend! Props to @Kirito_77 as well! Have a good one :)


@SB110 before we close the thread, I do think this may have had something to do with a lack of storage on your device. Since you reinstalled the application, you’ve cleared up space by removing replays and deleting the aircraft files… But it will fill up again. I’d strongly recommend offloading some files or videos just to make sure you’ve got some free space for when it starts to stack up again 😉


I do agree, @Kirito_77. Will do now! Thank you sooo much!