[PLEASE CLOSE] Multiple options for control inputs

Please note that because of the issue with the features catagory (500 error) I have placed this in support, which it sort of is.

I have another feature request, but it ties into the title, so I didn’t want to create a whole other topic. I want to use a control on my throttle, which is designed for rudder movement, (it says on the box) but it is registered as a ‘button’ and not an ‘axis.’ We should be able to use other ‘buttons’ instead of the registered ‘axis’ movements. Maybe I could configure it in LiveFlight on my computer to register the rudder as an axis? But for Android users, with the dongly thing,
(being sympathetic 😂) there should be a way to configure this in-app


There’s an Issue with features no one can acces it. It’s not just you

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Yeah, I know. Thanks though. I might make it a bit clearer :)


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