“Please Clear Scenery Cache”

I see this all the time in #support , and I think some members here need a bit of a refresher of what it actually does, and does not do.

When to use it:

Clearing the Scenery Cache solves a lot of issues with the terrain, or scenery. It can sometimes be useful in situations whare the app crashes, but it’s hit or miss there. Even if it doesn’t solve it I would recommend it as a first step always when dealing with these sorts of issues. Here’s some examples of perfect times to use it:

When not to use it:

Don’t recommend it for anything that isn’t about the scenery, aircraft, ATC, Multiplayer, etc, are completely unaffected by the scenery Cache. So don’t use it when an aircraft is glitched, or multiplayer isn’t working. There are other solutions to those problems. Here’s some times not to use it:

Moral of the story it”s called “Scenery Cache” not fix everything under the roof. If it’s isn’t a Scenery issue look to other options of which there are plenty first. The support category is here to help people, not waist there time, so I recommend anyone who is looking to post there to solve issues look into previous support claims, and what solved them. In law school they call this case study’s, and I think they could be a big help broadly in the support category. Thanks for reading, have a great one!

More info on #support:

Disclaimer; If I linked a topic above I’m not picking on anyone in them, they are just good examples of when clearing scenery Cache helped, or didn’t, nothing more…


I expected a post on this. Schyllberg made a post about it on similar posts. Still, a very important for those who want to help to remember. The scenery cache only deals with the scenery people, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not the aircraft cache, the autopilot cache, or live server cache!

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Was it was whole topic? I couldn’t find when one when I searched. Hope I didn’t create a duplicate, very sorry if I did…

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My point exactly, hence why it’s under “when not to use it”

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Sorry about that didnt even pay attention…

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