Please Choose A Hub in the Polls Below!

North America

  • JFK
  • LAX
  • SFO
  • ORD
  • ATL

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South America

  • GRU
  • UIO
  • BOG
  • SCL
  • LIM
  • CCS
  • AEP

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  • LHR
  • FRA
  • CDG
  • IST
  • AMS
  • MAD
  • OSL

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  • JNB
  • CAI
  • CNB
  • LOS
  • RAK

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  • DXB
  • PEK
  • HND
  • HKG
  • CKG
  • SIN
  • ICN
  • DEL
  • LAU (Mt. Everest)

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  • SYD
  • MEL
  • DRW
  • PER
  • BNE

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  • Princess Elizabeth
  • Prince Head
  • Seymour
  • South Pole

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Finally! This actually works!

If you’re going to keep making these, close you other ones. This is getting annoying. Create one, and do it right


I flagged the other one 😉. Something is always wrong with it. But now I did it right!

Is this just an excuse to spam polls?

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I’m not spamming Polls. The others will not work.

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Regardless if the other ones work (I don’t even know they exist)…

Anyway I’d take VIE in Europe.

Also please say what VA this is for because ATM this isn’t a VA post.

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Is for my future VA that will have a “Sub Hub” in every continent!

This is now your third poll thread. Quit spamming the polls please. If you have trouble with them, it’s best to test them in a PM.

I just chose two hubs. One on the east coast of the continent, one on the west coast. Where’s BOS for North America? ;)

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If it’s possible, you should add KDFW as a hub in North America.

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To all of you who think I’m spamming.

I am not spamming. My polls aren’t working properly, so I closed all of them.

You spelt CGK as CKG

Still looking for hubs!

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