Please change requirements KLGA - KDCA incident

While doing KLGA - KDCA, I had an incident on approach. This is some proof that the expert server requirements need to be changed. I took some screenshots with context down below.

Route: KLGA - KDCA
Aircraft: A319
Server: expert sadly

Right here I announce my inbound for landing for runway 1 which was being used in the real world and winds were favoring and also had the huge green thing which I guees the guy ignores.

The next photo shows me turning base, this is where I’m realizing that he is going for the opposite runway. So I announce my base.

When on final is when the guy decides to just now announce his inbound so I say that “Ronald Reagan traffic is using runway 1, right traffic” just to let him know I’m on final and for him to be cautious.

The last message didn’t show, but he responded right after saying “Ronald Regan traffic is using runway 19, right traffic” so I repeat the message, and tell him I’m on final multiple times but nothing happens every time.

After landing on runway 1, he proceeds to continue his approach and land on the intersecting runway which was the totally wrong runway that he announced his inbound for! He never even said he was on final.

Which lead to this 😒

When taxiing he ended up hitting me too 😠

You might be saying, couldn’t you just have aborted landing and went around. I get that but I told this dude multiple times my position and the runway I was using, plus I was ahead of him but he decided to do nothing about. This is just another example of un professional people on the expert server. These requirements need to be changed so people like this won’t continue.

Thanks for reading


Yes this was totally his fualt and not yours.


Did you get a violation?

No, just gave me a beep saying “keep a safe distance from the aircraft”


Ok, not too bad.

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That’s his fault for refusing to ‘see and avoid; also, 737s rarely use that runway, so double at fault.


And it was the wrong runway he said he was using.


4/22 is used as a taxi and takeoff (as per DCA NOTAM) and landing was completely banned so it was rarely used and there is a petition to completely demolish the runway. Plus, the runway is not capable to handle 737’s massive loads.


I hate people who just dont know the rules and still fly on the expert server


This happens all too often. Why is this a frequent situation now 😭? One time I landed at SXM and was back-taxiing to the terminal, and someone landed on the runway even when I kept saying I was still on the runway. The definitely saw me and didn’t go around.


Hi prestoni! Sad to hear that you had This Incident on ES. Unfortunately, without Active ATC or Supervisors Around, nothing much can be done. Just that you can DM him If his IFC linked to their account.


Sadly he was anonymous


I’m finding the anonymous users more often cause the problems on the expert server than non-anonymous users


It’s happened to me before when I was flying DOH-MAN there was an anonymous player doing patterns on the runway next to mine but heading right towards me that he almost hit me. Kinda ruined the flight after 7 hours or so. These things happen from time to time and there’s nothing we can do with it


Of course the callsign is American 69


That’s the troller callsign on IF


I feel like it’s not that hard to follow rules lol. Especially on a mobile flight simulator.

A few days ago I was flying from KEWR - KAUS and I had a C172 doing touch and go’s at Austin. I announced everything and the player continued to do nothing. No holding pattern or waiting for me to be done. While expediting off the runway I got to see his propeller in my face.

The player was anonymous but had over 18.5k hours. So you would think they would be respectful?

Oh expert server.


because they know they can’t be traced


Have had this happening to me for years now, the if team should find a way to fix this problem, even tough as of now there needs to be active atc to do anything about it. People who do these things on expert server should be reported even when there are no active atc in my opinion.

This kind of thing is almost a daily occurrence on the “expert” server. I wonder if something as simple as displaying “runway not recommended” would encourage people not to use them because the bright red numbers don’t seem to be doing it.