please can you control other airports other than lax, egll, jfk,sfo

can you guys make more training server events and control different airports other than Lax, Egll, Ksfo and Jfk because it really boring having the same airport all the time in training please can you control more thx

Everyone that controls Training is not told what to control they all control what they want to control. As they are learning and not certified IFATC yet 😉And for Events, the FNF is held on Expert so people follow the rules. And the other events are all organized by others.


Hello Jacob,

We try at the ATC Event Group to make more training server events because I do agree with you that the training server can use some more organization, training opportunities, and spark to encourage a little more activity together.

We need more controllers to have bigger and better events and controller sessions, so join the cause! 🙂

Edit: After reading Chris’s post, please do not contact an ATCEG supervisor. Hopefully you’ll take the time to read and watch the #tutorials!

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Well, its not only jfk egll or lax that are open. Controllers on the TS are willing and open airports at different locations

Screenshot taken 5 mn. ago

As always, fly some patterns and do some long flights to get grade 3 and come to ES

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but its so boring having the same airports all the time they need to spice it up! no wonder there’s only like 50-40 people on training and 60-70 on expert because expert they change up the airports every day
also if they actually would set rules and were more like expert then more people would join

You’re wrong on that. Expert is smaller than training.

Expert holds 500 people and training holds 750. The ratio is perfectly similar to each other

yeah im talking about how many people actually play on the servers
with training there are only like 75% and expert there is 78-80% of people on the servers.

Ok then come now on on OOMS (Oman )
TS1. I will control, go arounds allowed.

You wanted a change that’s why…

i will maybe tomorrow afternoon …i’m not going to be on today

you mean patterns…

Ok …fine anyone interested then come.

Yes patterns accepted.

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yes and also some enforcing of rules just to make it seen a little more fun but not completely like expert to where there’s reporting’s
but with casual its not as tied down and controlled because its a beginner server

You were ghosted and unfortunately sent back down to the Training Server for reason. I was more than patient with you and even asked for you to ease up on the transmissions. Take this time to learn, reflect and take the Training Server for what it is. There’s great tutorials in this forum.

You’ll be back in Expert in a week with better knowledge and understanding of how the cookie is baked when under control of ATC.

  • Make contact with Tower or Approach (This is the first and only time your position needs to be given) Remember, we acknowledge you which means we see you on our Radar.

  • Request what you want (ILS, GPS, Visual)

  • You will be given altitude and heading vectors
    Simply follow those and acknowledge the receiving of said vectors

  • Fly the plane, watch your surroundings and trust the process

👉 #tutorials 👈