Please, Can i get my vios removed.

Ive had an issue where i overhsot and ran out of fuel, i recieved 6 violations. is there any way i can get them removed? please help me as i have a few events over the christmas period and need acess to expert server. thanks

Hello @candrej,

Unfortunately if you overshot your destination airport and ran out of fuel then that would be pilot error, and violations is system given.

It’s unlikely that you will get your violations removed, as it was pilot error on your behalf.

You will have to wait a week until the ghosting caused by the 6 violations disappear.

Next time, just plan your flight more carefully, and you should be fine.

If you have any other questions, let us know. :)


It’s not up to me, as I’m not a moderator or staff member of Infinite Flight.

It’s unlikely you will get the removed though, as violations are only removed when there is a technical issue with the app.