Please be respectful!

Please be respectful other people want to have fun and you are ruining everybody else’s fun (Taking off from intersections,Not using ATC,Landing where ever)image


What server was this on? Because nothing can be done about it on free flight and the playground.

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Sorry to say but nothing can be done. If you want a realistic experience fly on the advanced server where bad pilots can be ghosted.

Playground exists so people like thatcan go around their business without breaking rules.

If they have fun doing wrong things, that’s their loss

Playground also so exists so that those of us who want to try ATC can do so. It’s a pain in the ass when you’re trying to learn the ropes and folk are acting like twats.

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Think of it this way then: You’re flying through a thunderstorm that is in your path for the majority of your flight-It will clear up by landing time. If you can fly through the crappy storm, you can get beautiful weather for a good landing. Tough it out in the olayground and have fun in advanced.

Advanced server is a horrible fail. 150 atcs amd less then 5 active at a time. Amd the recruiting has been shut diwn for a month. No need to even tell people to fly on there becuase theree rarley an atc for a big airport


I agree fully with you. It’s no fun even if there is somebody they are on for 5 minutes.

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Then cancel your subscription. If I take a bite of food that I find distasteful I will not take another bite.

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Please tell me why I would cancel my subscription?

People on the playground ruin your experience. Not enough advanced controllers to go to advanced server…

You said it yourself.

So here is the rub. Not enough people to man ATC on Advanced. Players seemingly are not happy with ATC on playground, however they are learners and Need more slack. ATC on Advanced are being criticized as they will always be seen to be in the wrong. It is a thankless position. Who would want to be an ATC in advanced server!

Alternatively everybody should just be chill and be thankful for the great simulator we have and for all the help the ATC volunteers provide. Everyone stop complaining and enjoy.

Yes thanks for you support! Hopefully you guys saw the Hawaii region was full of advanced atc controllers manning all the big airports! We really do want to make your experience good but please lay off the criticism. :)