Please be patient

Dear Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers,

Unfortunately I had multiple issues today on Expert server when I had to perform an emergency stop only because some pilots can’t wait for less than a minute.

I can understand that you might have only a few minutes to take off but… you are on expert!!! Pilots can only see you when you are on the ground, when you are airborne ATC takes control and pilots don’t pay that much attention to other aircrafts. So let’s keep it realistic and be nice and kind to each other!

  1. When you have been given pushback clearance, please do have a look around! ATC controller might have been busy with Tower or Approach frequencies and might have not spotted another aircraft taxiing. If you heard a hold postition or give way command given to a plane behind you, then commit, otherwise wait!
  2. When pilots spawn in the places next to the runway when there is a queue… I know it’s hard but give this pilot who tries to enter the taxiway some space! It will literally take you less than a minute of your time but will benefit others a lot! Alternatively, you can perform a zip line taxi, when one aircraft for taxiway A enters taxiway B, then next pilot on taxiway B passes, then another pilot enters from A and so on. It’s not complicated and will work perfectly!!

One minute of your time will not make much difference for you, but can for another pilot whom you’ve just overtaken

Thanks everyone,

Yours truthfully,

After today’s Flash Flight, I feel like there is a need to add to this points

  1. If your runway is busy, or you see that you will not make it, or there is a lot of aircraft inbounding and you want to land… Please do not cut in line. Find a safe gape and join the queue there. We are all equal, if you will cut me, it will not always mean that you’ll make it before me

P.S. If you will do something unethical, please do not expect others to have appropriate attitude to you.


Well said sir,well said
There is definately a urge to go ASAP and be inpatient for many pilots.

Both here and irl patience is key as there will be holds,giving way to aircraft,waiting for planes to land etc

u can’t be an impatient pilot and disobey or just quit


So, one minute of my time is invaluable but one minute of anyone else’s time is priceless? lel


That’s not exactly what I meant;) I was saying that there is no point in speeding up in order not to let someone in front of pilot just to save that one minute. This movement from the pilot will be very devastating for another one

So both minutes are valuable. But one will cost someone nothing but the other one probably his very optimistic mood:)

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I wouldn’t have to cut anyone off if they didn’t taxi at 9 knots from one end of the airport to the other. I won’t do it if they’re 100 ft away, maybe

After today’s Flash Flight I felt like I had to add to this list


Pilots need to be fair and aware of their surrounding. Letting others go first isn’t a bad idea. To give space and allow others ahead of you is a task of friendship and helpfulness, you’ll win in the long term of being generous even in the air :)


Well said, just yesterday i was on short final into LGRP, everything was smooth and looking good, until a pilot (Asiana 211) taxied right on to the runway and forced me into a go around. Some people need to realize that the expert server can be very busy sometimes and they can’t taxi, or takeoff whenever they want.


Once in a while we get a topic like this. And I fully agree. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good and patient pilots out there on expert, but if one out of ten is spawning in at the de-icing spot right next to the runway, all other nine have to wait a little longer, and that’s simply annoying, even if you plan in 15 minutes for taxiing during fnf or flash flight. Pilots who don’t want to wait or queue up shouldn’t spawn on expert.
This is no feature request, but because of the fact that we get more and more pilots on expert and the level of skill isn’t necessarily improving, we should get some sort of solution soon. My three first thoughts would be:

  1. Higher requirements to join expert (which exactly to be discussed).
  2. Better ground management system for ATC (a feature like Drag and Taxi ), this would also include removing all unrealistic spawn points (de-ice, engine test etc.), and ghosting pilots for spawning widebodies on a GA ramp
  3. More exact ATC announcements about operating times (this way a pilot could plan his route better and wouldn’t always spawn at the busiest airport)

Just my thoughts, feel free to reply or PM me! :)


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