Please, be patient before takeoff

I just completed my flight between London and San Francisco, as i one on short final at runway 28R, I called out that i was landing there. I noticed an American 772 lining up for runway 19R i was worried at first, but I noticed that he was stopping. Well i was wrong, i touched down, I only noticed that he was rolling down the runway at 60+ knots. I was below any speed for taking off again, i put the A380 i was flying in full reverse thrust but still collided on the runway. I’m not too mad or frustrated about it, as it didn’t result in any violations lucky. But this was on the EXPERT server. I’m not saying I’m completely in the right either, I could’ve noticed earlier and gone around to avoid colliding and called 28L by accident. But please, make sure that intersecting runways are clear before takeoff/landing. Rushing and trying to do things as fast as possible can cause mistakes. If you are the other person in the 772, I’m not trying to make fun or ruin your day, just asking if you can look next time ;)

My plane: BA A380

Airport: KSFO

Runway: 28R.


Hm. This is one of the reasons why the Tenerife accident occurred. It looks like this pilot caused Tenerife Part 2.

I’m really sorry that this happened. Some pilots don’t have the courtesy needed to keep the Expert Server a safe place.

Hopefully this sends a message to all pilots alike.


Thank you, i hope this message spreads


Wingtip right through the cockpit 😳

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens and you have to be proactive and avoid conflicts, even if you are in the right.

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This type of incident had happened to me before, I was in an Emirates 777 flying from Dubai to Tokyo, I was taxiing quite slow because of low visibility, but there was a very impatient Lufthansa 748 behind me that kept on firewalling the throttles, when I was approaching the taxiway used to cross a runway, the 747 turned early and went full throttle in an attempt to get in front of me, it didn’t work, he ended up hitting me and slamming on the brakes. When we were in line to take off, he went right through me and got on the runway and went full throttle, a couple things that I noticed were, he had no flight plan filed, he was barely grade 3 and had hundreds of violations, and he had no flaps in the takeoff, he then flew towards any aircraft in sight and wouldn’t leave them alone, this guy should’ve been banned from the expert server permanently or at least for quite a long time, and of course, he didn’t have an IFC account…


I know, I wasn’t completely in the right either, ive pointed out a couple things that I could’ve done

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And that’s good! Learning from your mistakes is very important 🙂

Hopefully the other pilot learns from their mistakes as well

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I can find those easily sometimes, especially during an event or an FNF

This situation is very common in IF. Moreover, they do not have an IFC account and we cannot control this situation to a certain extent. As I am now implementing the route from Seoul to Los Angeles. I found a Boeing 777-200LR without a call sign. Landing from an unspecified runway. And there was a conflict with the flight that took off. Just like this flight there is no IFC account.

Yes, i encounter them often, but this was a bit more than usual. I think he did have an IFC account.

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Maybe there should be a restriction for people that don’t have a IFC account are not allowed on expert server

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So, users of the app who might not know about the IFC aren’t allowed on the expert server, even though they put hours of their life down to make to expert server. That is a no, this will not happen.


Well I was just landing at LFPG and someone took off on the same runway head on and flew straight over me! This was also EXPERT SERVER! I almost had to check if I was on the casual server by mistake!!

It’s takes five minutes to sign up for the community

People may have never even heard of the IFC. I won’t be arguing this topic anymore, feel free to message me if need be.

Please dont argue, i was trying to make a point about that people should be more cautious

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Understood I’m saying that if they have an IFC account It would be able to allow people to be more responsible because they would be able to be found if they did something wrong and then talk to the pilot

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Good point

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Maybe there could be a link to the IFC on the infinite fleet homepage

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That could work.

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