Please add aerodrome, only change the name

Good morning, I want to request support with the airport developers, I recently had an airfield in my country that was MGTK, but they removed it because it appears as MGMM in the OACI, so my request is if you can put MGMM so that it can fly again infinite. Thanks

Hi there,

Seems you’re correct about the ICAO change, the old airport contained the file whilst the new one doesn’t (both ICAOs were in our system).

I’ll either get someone in the team to do it, or do it myself possibly for the next update. Thanks for the report!



I remember this coming up in our conversation some time ago. I’d be happy to add this airport, and will begin on August 14th when I return home and have access to my Mac.

Keep your eyes peeled here for when it’s done!

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Independent from @Z-Tube offer to edit the to recent standards I have put in the data from the old ICAO so that the airport will be at least in his last state before code change back in IF with next update cycle.

IFAET Supervisor


Thank you @Z-Tube and @Major-Tom