PlayStation and Xbox One

This would be good with global now because you could download the entire world.

Sorry to be the killer on this one but Xbox is probably going to be impossible to get approved and how would I play with a controller this just seems impossible at the current state of the game. Also, we would be competing with Microsoft Flight (Xbox owned by Microsoft) its something for the future though that’s my take feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Moment I saw “PlayStation”, take my vote, just take it!

I think FDS is planning for a PC version so you won’t see a console version soon although, it would be great for Xbox as well as Playstation because there are not many sims out there for consoles (If there are any ones).

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Where did you hear that?
Please avoid spreading baseless information.

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Laura did a poll whether or not IF should be implemented for PC: Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll] What I said was a bit unclear, I meant that FDS did not confirm it, they were seeing if the community wanted IF on PC.

That was over two years ago. Since then they have shifted interests towards global and making the mobile simulation experience even better.

You aren’t wrong as that topic suggests that it will be developed, however i assume those plans have been shelved as they likely want to focus on just mobile devices.

Oops sorry about that, didn’t check the date of the topic.

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This sounds… well… um… how do I put it…

A waste of time for FDS.

No, but come on now. People don’t understand that a “port” isn’t just where the code is “copied and pasted” onto a console. That’s not how it works. There is loads to think about including:

  • Programming Language
  • Compatability (there is more to this than just “hey the Xbox has really good graphics on forza so it can have really good graphics on IF right?” No, that’s just simply not how this works.
  • Expenses & Income - come on now, sit yourself down a moment and ask yourself one question: Is FDS gonna make money from this? Xbox live and psn are owned by Microsoft and Sony, meaning that FDS don’t get a return on console Live costs. Add this on top of licensing fees, server upgrade costs, XBOX and PS research costs etc etc etc… look, it isn’t feasible from a financial perspective.
  • “Screaming little console kids”. Look, we all know here, even the people backing this, that XBOX and PS both have an out-of control fanbase. Look here- these are the type of kids that call your family members “gay” over voicechat. do you expect these people to act in a civilised manner on a professional forum?

So if reading that doesn’t tell you enough, then I don’t know what will.

seriously guys join the pc master race
ok I’m out before I get stoned to death for saying that.


You are

w r o n g

Saying that is like saying that “cars go slow”. There is more than one type of PC, so it’s like putting a Ferrari in same category as your mom’s punto.


Ok. Lemme stick this out straight. I know it’s an old thread but this comment really bugs me. “PCs lag a lot”.
Anything running at least an i3 processor, 1.8Ghz, has at least 2gb ram should eat IF for breakfast lunch and dinner. Most phones only have a 1.5/.8Ghz processor, coupled with an average 2gb ram. IF is only demanding on mobile because of the sheer graphical content, and as long as a laptop or PC has a decent graphics card (even integrated intel does the job) it would be able to handle the app easily.
“Consoles don’t lag”. Yes they do. Normally in the form of dropping frames. Anyone that plays GTA or Just Cause 3 will know this firsthand. Also, bear in mind that a console runs live servers, controller support and a disc. A PC has all sorts of programmes running in the background that use up a higher percent of the ram, plus a console never caches as much data.
Also, I think Misha said something a while back about the coding they use being different to console, which would mean a lot of script editing. Sorry dude, no go on this one.


I don’t get much lag if any while playing Just Cause 3 on the Xbox One.

Truer words have never been spoken…

Exactly. This laptop (HP with an Intel i5-6200 from mid-2016 and 12 GB RAM) happened to have had a flickering screen on a few occasions on some online 2D games, with a couple of tabs in the background. But it’s still good with City Mania. It depends on the script and the programming language. My newer Dell (Intel Celeron N3060 and 2 GB RAM) could run Alto’s Adventure for like 2 hours before overheating and lagging.

@Kirito_77, Windows 10 takes 1.4 GB RAM out of 2 GB on my Dell… I think you mean 4 GB RAM. And I don’t think an i3 will be enough without an integrated graphics card considering the way most games can easily work on mid-range smartphones and tabs, but give a headache to even i5 devices (different programming types for smartphone processors and laptop processors)

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I dont think this is needed. IF is special and it runs good on phones!


I belive this would be extremely difficult to implement but this idea has its merits. FDS would only realisticly be able to do this if infinite flight grows and gains new users to have the financial means to do this. which I’m sure it will one day as it is increasing in quality everyday and competes and sometimes surpasses in some aspects of PC sims.

But let’s just assume infinite flight grows massively starts to attract large attention from many in PC flight sim community. I think this idea has it pros.

  • no other proper flight sim on console market
  • as like mobile platform you can omptimize for 2 diffremt devices
  • Simplistic Approach (in regsrds to no add ons/moods needed for full experience just easy payment model and easy setup compared to PC flight sim) suits the console market.

Would be great If FDS could expand infinite flight and its simplistic approach to flights sims no other high quality sim has to new platforms.


Idk why, but guess I’ll give this topic a bump. I don’t even think we need this on a console anymore. Honestly this was around before global came out, and I think since global, I’d rather play on my devices anyways. So sorry, but it’s time I remove my old vote. Lol

I still think it would be pretty awesome to add this to XBOX and Playstation. There is so much ponential. Both consoles are very powerful. :)

I’m in support of the Xbox one