Playscreen only leftside

Oh yes, I’ve realized this too. There’s honestly nothing you can do☹ but I try not to mind it… btw I’m on samsung galaxy s8

oh yes thank you that someone understood me. I play brand new on my Samsung S9 … So Android user …

Can I do something, because sometimes when I load my phone it bothers me to play on the left because my load is on the bottom. I hope you understand what I mean

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Yes, I can not do anything … But it’s not on the phone but on the development … Because other games work but as soon as I start IF I can not turn it

I hope the developers will fix it hopefully

This is common across every single device I’ve used IF on, including a few Apple devices but mainly an array of Android devices. I’m not 100% sure why this happens, but there’s something in the app causing a rotation lock.
Unless you have the ability to force the rotation, like I do on my Pixel, it’s stuck in the same orientation and will not budge. Just something to be dealt with for now.

I think the app has a rotation lock because there’s a heavy use of the accelerometer and some might be doing acrobatic manoeuvres and the last thing they want is the screen to flip and screw up the accelerometer, because when you flip, the accelerometer resets from something like 180 to 0.

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I know EXACTLY what your talking about and it pisses me so much. Cause I gotta charge my phone a certain way and I dont wanna move my entire phone the opposite direction.


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